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This site is for Searey and seaplane fun. To become a full member so you can post, click on Help (above) and answer the questions. For all Searey technical and safety matters, join the Searey Technical Site (STS) by also entering your Searey's serial number.
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  Jul 26 (Tue) - Presidential Busts, Don Maxwell
  Jul 24 (Sun) - San Juan flying, Daniel Myers
  Jul 18 - After dinner flight in Texas, Sandy McNabb
  Jul 17 - Morning Flight, Jeff Arnold
  Jul 16 - Frank's private island!, Wayne Nagy
  Jul 16 - Water Landing With Wind And Lies, Don Maxwell
  Jul 15 - Maiden Voyage, Dennis Vogan
  Jul 12 - Gramma Dots, Wayne Nagy
  Jul 08 - Almost Burnt, Nickens, Dan
  Jul 06 - Breakfast time!, Wayne Nagy
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  02:18 pm - Not all things in this video are amphibious, Russ Garner
  Jul 23 (Sat) - Cavanaugh Beats the Goo, Don Maxwell
  Jul 22 (Fri) - Oshkosh 2016, Paul Sanchez
  Jul 19 - Splashing, Jeff Arnold
  Jul 18 - 2002 Searey for sale, Paulo Constantino
  Jul 17 - Two Camera Touch-and-Go Experiment, Don Maxwell
  Jul 17 - Col. Ken Leonard, USAF (Ret.), Carr, Frank
  Jul 16 - FAA Medical Reform, Don Maxwell
  Jul 09 - FAA investigating low flying plane over Tarrant County lakes, Bob Samson
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  Apr 07 - Pat Coyles.jpg, Rick Oreair
  Jan 25 - 20150626_132523_620.jpg, Shannon Moon
  Nov 02,2014 - Formation with Daniel, Bob Kerrigan
  May 10,2014 - Why I built a SeaRey, Thomas Alexander Bowden
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  Jul 10 - Strawberry 5 - PBY-5A Catalina, Donald White
  Oct 22,2014 - Dan's trip to Maine (Part 4), Jon Ladd
  Oct 09,2014 - Seaplane Fighters, Randolph Palma
  Jun 04,2008 - Helmet Cam video of aerobatic routine, Tony Gugliuzza
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  Dec 14,2015 - Feeding the Homeless, Tom White
  Nov 29,2015 - Communication, Dave Bloomquist
  Aug 17,2015 - Turkish Airlines, Marty Corr
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  Feb 09,2015 - New Background Image for Splash & Dash,
  Oct 05,2014 - Test Poll (but why not make it useful) Site Satisfaction,
  Sep 27,2014 - Change places I RESUME IT hehehe,
  Sep 27,2014 - Seaplane Pilot's Association,
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  Jan 09,2015 - High Watermelon, Carr, Frank
  Apr 28,2011 - SnD Site Guidelines, Dan Nickens
  May 03,2010 - Collards, Troy iRMT Heavy Maint. Enriquez
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  Jul 26 (Tue) - Thinking about selling my SeaRey., Chris Roach
  Jun 24 - STINGRAY FOR SALE, Mark MacKinnon
  Jun 08 - CLA BUILDER SPECIALS, John Dunlop
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San Juan flying

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