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                           Nov 21 12:26
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Category: 460,Garner''s Landing

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Owner -  Thomas A Bowden
File - Why I built a SeaRey.wmv - 

Thomas Alexander Bowden - Jan 28,2014   Viewers  | Reply
Thomas Alexander Bowden - Jan 28,2014   Viewers  | Reply
    Could not post to YouTube because of music<br /><br />Please post your comments so I know if you liked it.     
Wayne Nagy - Jan 28,2014   Viewers  | Reply
    I get 'quicktime player cannot open'....I have the newest IMAC...can anybody help me <br />download?? the correct...preferably free....info??     
Don Maxwell - Jan 28,2014   Viewers  | Reply
    Wayne, you may need to download Flip4Mac or some other plugin or app that will play .wmv videos. (It's a Microsoft format.)     
John w Shirah - Jan 28,2014   Viewers  | Reply
    Great video Thomas.     
Ed Merrill - Feb 03,2014   Viewers  | Reply
    Very nice job, Thomas     
Philip Mendelson - May 10,2014   Viewers  | Reply
    Nice work!     

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