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Owner - Bob Kerrigan
File - trim.8DFB3A33-46AD-4241-BD37-705225C0A446.MOV - 

Bob Kerrigan - Oct 12, 2013  Viewers | Reply
John w Shirah - Oct 13, 2013  Viewers | Reply
   Having trouble opening the file.    
Bob Kerrigan - Oct 13, 2013  Viewers | Reply
   .... I think I was there....
it opened for me....
John w Shirah - Oct 13, 2013  Viewers | Reply
   I tried opening it with my android tablet and phone. Didnt work. Maybe my stuff is faulty    
Paulo Constantino - Oct 13, 2013  Viewers | Reply
It's not your stuff. Some files just can't be opened by Android. I have the
same problem with my phone and tablet.
John w Shirah - Oct 14, 2013  Viewers | Reply
   Thanks Paulo. Had to get the wife 'tech support' to tell me it was a 'windows' file. So I
was able to view it from my desktop.
Rob McKenny - Nov 2, 2014  Viewers | Reply
   It worked on my company issued IPad    

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