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Magnuson in Virginia
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Posted By: Don Maxwell
Date Posted: Jul 15, 2017
Description: Hurrah for BasicMed, which permits Private Pilots to fly at night! Brief video: Night Current
Date Taken: 2017-07-09
Place Taken: KFCI
Owner: Don Maxwell
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Category: Max_Pix
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Read what others had to say:

Don Maxwell - Jul 15   Viewers  | Reply
    Here's a short video for those who like lights in the dark:      Attachments:  


Carr, Frank  - Jul 15   Viewers  | Reply
    Very nicely done Don. Both the landing and the video,that is. One advantage of night flying shows up well: the NAV
Screens are VERY readable in the cockpit.
Don Maxwell - Jul 15   Viewers  | Reply
    Right! The iPhone screen doesn't get hot and go dark, either.     
Dennis Scearce - Jul 15   Viewers  | Reply
    Nice video, Don. The owner of Laney field just put landing lights in but no VASI. Doing at least three night landings over there and at KIPJ is in my future.     
Russ Garner - Jul 19   Viewers  | Reply
    I should do that but I have to get some lights for the runway that float.     

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