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Bill West - Jun 15   Viewers  | Reply
    I am hearing from the guys from the Leesburg EAA that Steve Barber passed away today. Many of you know Steve with his Dragon Searey and the hangar he was building on Lake Idamere. Prayers to his family. I will try to get more details.     
Ken Leonard - Jun 16   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks Bill. Sorry to hear that. Steve was the U2 pilot with a stunning, positively stunning, Searey.
Crew Feighery - Jun 16   Viewers  | Reply
    Very sad. He was a very friendly and intelligent man who came up with some very cool upgrades on his Searey. Godspeed, Steve.     
Steve Kessinger - Jun 17   Viewers  | Reply
    Damn. Did he ever get to fly his 'Rey?     
Bill West - Jun 18   Viewers  | Reply
    Kerry told me that Steve asked him to test fly it. Kerry said it flew well but with typical Honda performance. He returned and
picked up Steve who flew right seat due to his vertigo symptoms.
Bill West - Jun 18   Viewers  | Reply
    The funeral service for Steve Barber will be next Saturday at 11:00 at Steverson,Hamlin,&Hilbish Funeral Home in Tavares.
A Masonic and Military Service will begin at 12:00. There will be an after service lunch at the Mission Inn and reservations are
required by Wednesday.
Thomas Bowden - Jun 18   Viewers  | Reply
    Any one know what happened? Was it an accident or a medical reasons? I know he was building a metal building next to progressive.
Doing the labor him self from what I understand.

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