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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Island AP low pass  
Wayne Nagy - Jun 11, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    A low pass over the North Captiva Airport on a beautiful day is hard to pass up!


Don Maxwell - Jun 11, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    VERY cool! I love that sharp, clear shadow, and the sun angle was perfect.     
Wayne Nagy - Jun 12, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks Don! We did about 100 passes during an 8 hour period and after hours of editing , I picked the best frames and integrated
them into the video.............HAHAHAHA. :-)

Actually, I pulled the iPhone out of my pocket at the last minute and aimlessly started the video. Sometimes I get lucky! :-)
Carr, Frank  - Jun 17, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    The unfriendly types at Upper Captiva would have gotten ya with a SAM on your second pass!     
Dave Lima - Jun 12, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Yes very nice indeed!     
Sauers, Jeff - Jun 17, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Absolutely beautiful!     
Daniel Hayden - Jun 23, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    When I was working on my commercial training, we did our engine out circle to lands over that field but my instructor never wanted to get too low as he said the residents on the field always complained... Still, nice video!!     

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