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Randy Flood - Jun 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Just an amazing day in the air and on the water with 2 other Amphibs. You have to love Maine in the summer!!      Attachments:  

Splashing in Puddles for Adults
Splashing in Puddles for Adults

Don Maxwell - Jun 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Maine looks terrific in that video, Randy. (How long does summer last there?)     
Mark MacKinnon - Jun 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Maine has a lot of fresh water. Look at a Maine map and it's obvious. Only thing is, a lot of it is frozen for longer than I care for.     
Randy Flood - Jun 11   Viewers  | Reply
    LOL.....about 3 weeks......we squeeze it in between "Black Fly" season and "Time to put your studs back on the truck" season     

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