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Sauers, Jeff - May 21   Viewers  | Reply
    I'm trying to post a story about a recent trip that I took. And when I either copy the whole story from my word processor or copy one paragraph at a time, then post it, it just becomes one huge paragraph with no carriage returns. So then I delete it and try another way. Can someone give me a tip on how to get carriage returns when I post?     
Sauers, Jeff - May 21   Viewers  | Reply
    As an example, i typed a carriage return prior to asking the question above, but it just continued on the same paragraph!     
Donald White - May 22   Viewers  | Reply
    Jeff, Can you please send me the story in the word document so I can reproduce this issue? My email is: easyhouse at     
Sauers, Jeff - May 22   Viewers  | Reply
    Don W.,

I think I just nailed it in my response to Don Maxwell. I think the combo of writing on a gmail (draft email) and posting on Google
Chrome was causing a problem. Since I have some photos in my story, i'll just try posting again using Safari.
Don Maxwell - May 21   Viewers  | Reply
    Jeff, your word processor probably uses some other method for breaking paragraphs or starting new lines. Try copying the whole
text and then pasting it into whatever basic text editor your computer happens to have. As I recall, Windows calls its Notepad. On a
Mac, it's TextEdit. When your writing looks good to you there, copy and paste it here.

Of course, it still might look funny here. For example, I'm writing this in Safari on my iPhone, which also has its own way of handling
line feeds and paragraph breaks--as you see here. It's possible for a website to anticipate most various formatting schemes, but that
isn't easy, and it's a real PIA for website designers.

The only way to be certain that text will be formatted right is to save your writing as a simple .txt file with no text enhancements
whatsoever. That works for most websites.

This paragraph is copied from the Puffin iPhone browser, to test its formatting method. If it has normal looking paragraph breaks and NO odd
looking extra breaks, then Puffin does it differently than Safari does. But I'm predicting that it's the same as the paragraphs above, which will mean
that it's an operating system condition and not one limited to Apple's apps.
Don Maxwell - May 21   Viewers  | Reply
    Oho! That test paragraph looks normal in Puffin. But if I edit it in Puffin it has extra line breaks--looks in this site's editor the way
most iOS postings
look after they've been posted. So my hypothesis failed: it apparently IS caused by the app, not the OS.

(It does have one formatting foible now, but only because I tried editing it in Safari--a mistake that added the one extra linefeed.
I'm too lazy to repair that because it would require logging in with Puffin again.)
Don Maxwell - May 21   Viewers  | Reply
    Alas, in the Puffin iPhone browser, long lines don't get wrapped properly, so I have to pan from side to side to see what I'm writing.     
Dennis Scearce - May 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Leme get this straight. So Mac went on a safari and saw a puffin??     
Don Maxwell - May 23   Viewers  | Reply
    And a fox, too.     
Don Maxwell - May 21   Viewers  | Reply
    I'm back in iOS Safari now, and lines wrap as usual on the iPhone. But they still don't wrap in the Edit or Adv. edit modes.     
Don Maxwell - May 21   Viewers  | Reply
    ACK!!! Now I'm in Firefox on my Mac and see that some of what I wrote in iOS Safari looks normal here and some doesn't. And the paragraph I wrote in Puffin looks screwy on the Mac, but not on the iPhone. Bleaaah!

(And I hope you know that this is all the fault of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. When they started pushing Microsoft Windows, they decided to sabotage all other Email programs. That was mainly Netscape, which was a free program that did both web pages and email and a few other things. Microsoft was selling Windows with their own (purchased) web browser, Explorer; and they wanted everyone to buy the Microsoft Word word processor, so they adapted it to handle email in Windows. When Windows wasn't the big seller they hoped, they deliberately set out to undermine the free competition by causing the competition's emails to look weird in Windows and Windows email to look weird in Netscape and Eudora (another free email program). Eventually, Windows won the war, but only because of unfair play.

Apple wouldn't play Microsoft's dirty game, even after Steve Jobs and Bill Gates patched up their personal differences, so now we're stuck with these two systems that don't play together very well.)
Sauers, Jeff - May 22   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks Don!

Actually, I had typed the story in my Gmail and saved as a draft email. Then I copied and pasted into the post and was using Google
Chrome on a Mac!

Maybe I'll not use Chrome and try different combo's using a different WP program.

This is posted using Safari. And I've added some carriage returns.
Shannon Moon - Jun 08   Viewers  | Reply
    This is probably a funcion of the fact that different operating systems use different characters to indicate the end of a line.

Windows, and DOS before it, uses a CR and LF character to terminate lines. UNIX (Including Linux and FreeBSD) uses an LF character
only. OS X also uses a single LF character, but the classic Mac operating system used a single CR character for line breaks. This can
get messy when dealing with different applications that don't account for these different behaviors, and causes issues like the one you
are describing (end of pretentious computer scientist explanation, lol).
Nickens, Dan - Jun 08   Viewers  | Reply
    Now that you've earned your doctorate, Shannon, pretentiousness is legitimately meritorious and welcome!     
Dennis Scearce - Jun 08   Viewers  | Reply
    Are you showing off, Doctor Moon?     

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