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Don Maxwell - Jun 7, 2017   Viewers  | Reply

Carol and I hope you can come to the splash-in on Saturday, September 30.

We're on the James River, about 5 miles east of Hopewell, VA, and 13 miles south of KRIC. The river is more than a mile wide here, although we're somewhat sheltered between two points and an island--on the far side of the sharp point with the bridge in the photo below. A red X in the center of the photo marks the spot. (Northeast is up.)

The late September weather is usually excellent here (but the rain date is Sunday, October 1).

Lunch around noon.

Here's a fuller invitation, with more info and photos:


Mark MacKinnon - Jun 7, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    You may want to place it on the calendar here and on STS, Don.
I think the calendar feature could be more useful than just for birthdays.
Don Maxwell - Jun 7, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks, Mark. Tried it, but the Calendar "Add Event" doesn't seem to work right. I'll check with Don W.     
Mark MacKinnon - Jun 7, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    It is tricky. You have to hit it just right. I think it could be improved.     
Don Maxwell - Jul 2, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Well, I got a notice into Calendar, but couldn't make it refer to this page.     

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