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Don Maxwell - Jun 07   Viewers  | Reply

Carol and I hope you can come to the splash-in on Saturday, September 30.

We're on the James River, about 5 miles east of Hopewell, VA, and 13 miles south of KRIC. The river is more than a mile wide here, although we're somewhat sheltered between two points and an island--on the far side of the sharp point with the bridge in the photo below. A red X in the center of the photo marks the spot. (Northeast is up.)

The late September weather is usually excellent here (but the rain date is Sunday, October 1).

Lunch around noon.

Here's a fuller invitation, with more info and photos:


Mark MacKinnon - Jun 07   Viewers  | Reply
    You may want to place it on the calendar here and on STS, Don.
I think the calendar feature could be more useful than just for birthdays.
Don Maxwell - Jun 07   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks, Mark. Tried it, but the Calendar "Add Event" doesn't seem to work right. I'll check with Don W.     
Paul Sanchez - Sep 24   Viewers  | Reply
    Wish I could be there Don. Our wedding is the next weekend so I don't think a "get of jail card" would allow me to come!     
Mark MacKinnon - Jun 07   Viewers  | Reply
    It is tricky. You have to hit it just right. I think it could be improved.     
Don Maxwell - Jul 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Well, I got a notice into Calendar, but couldn't make it refer to this page.     
D'Angelo, Kevin - Sep 24   Viewers  | Reply
    Weather looking good so far, so will try to make my first mid Atlantic splash in. Plan is to lease Buffalo Friday afternoon and fly till I find something interesting to play in on my way down. Any suggestions for splashes North West of Richmond towards Buffalo. Hey Canada rey guys- any interest in joining me. Seeing as there was no Gaggle this year - how about a gaggle flying down to VA. Chuck and I are planning on parking planes at Don's Friday night if there is room and getting a room in the city for cocktails pre splash in Saturday. What are the fun spots on the James river to play. Any power lines to be concerned with?     
Don Maxwell - Sep 25   Viewers  | Reply
    The forecast looks good for the weekend, Kevin. No problem about parking on the grass. (Just don't stop on the sand, as it's sometimes soft.)

Wires in our vicinity. It's about 6 miles from the red x to the eastern wires.

Don Maxwell - Sep 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Kevin, in case you fly west of KRIC, the James will be tempting. There's an "invisible" killer wire at 37.56000 -77.63420. There are also wires running N-S close to several bridges, usually on the west side of them.

Nils Mantzoros has a Searey on the Susquehanna West Branch, about 40 nm east of your direct line course. Check the sectional near Lock Haven.
Robert Richardson IV - Sep 27   Viewers  | Reply
    Kevin I would echo Don's comment about flying the the James River. (See my YouTube video).
I have found little in the way of water playgrounds west of the D.C. SFRA. I do recommend the
Chesapeake Bay and its Eastern
Shore Delmarva area, that is where us Mid-Atlantic SRers play.

Flying James River
Flying James River

Don Maxwell - Sep 27   Viewers  | Reply
    Ha! I remember that day, Rob. You're still the lowest low-tide visitor to land here. High tide this Saturday will be at 11:36 and the water should be 3 or 4 feet deeper. Today the entire beach was awash at high tide after two days of a strong north wind.     
John Dunlop - Sep 27   Viewers  | Reply
    Called Chris at Hegar.
They still haven't shipped my wheel rims, ordered on Friday..
Brian Furnell - Sep 29   Viewers  | Reply
    I was planning on making a weekend out of it but then life got in the way, and the NY/NJ tfr's. Maybe next year. Have fun.     
Don Maxwell - Sep 29   Viewers  | Reply
    Sorry about life and TFRs, Brian. They can't be helped. Make it next year, then.

And in case anyone has been wondering, the forecast for Saturday looks very nice--a bit breezy, but that shouldn't be a problem. (I always worry about safety; but the wind will be from the north, the best direction for water ops here, as we're in a bay that's somewhat sheltered by trees and an island.)
Don Maxwell - Oct 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Heh. The splash-in was a smashing success--especially because nothing got smashed when the wind turned out to be a lot stronger than forecast. Intrepid seaplane pilots managed to arrive in Seareys, a Legend Cub, and a Viking-powered Aventura. 24 people altogether. And a Grumman Albatross flyby, too. I'll post some photos and videos soon...     
Russ Garner - Oct 03   Viewers  | Reply
    Great Don, sorry I missed it again still cleaning up around here, maybe next year.     
Don Maxwell - Oct 05   Viewers  | Reply
    Russ, you and Lou Ann are my all-time favorite splash-in hosts. (Anyone who hasn't been to a Garner's Landing Searey Gathering--you don't know what fun you've been missing.)

This year we had a Really Big Wind that made it hard even for those who managed to get here. But some did, and the video is on YouTube:

That Albatross is a really big f-ing boat, by the way. (f could suggest several different words, but in this case it's flying)


Splash-In Video
Splash-In Video

Jeff Arnold - Oct 05   Viewers  | Reply
    Kevin's tailwheel was down ?!     
D'Angelo, Kevin - Oct 05   Viewers  | Reply
    didn't know till this video - kinda think it must have somehow been stuck but didn't notice it flying so will have to check mirror in air or jack it up to see if still hanging down next flight     
Jeff Arnold - Oct 05   Viewers  | Reply
    Would think that you would have noticed a difference in take off performance......or maybe the headwind and whitecaps hid the effect of the extended tailwheel.     
D'Angelo, Kevin - Oct 06   Viewers  | Reply
    Ha ,,with those winds I probably could have taken off with the mains down.     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 05   Viewers  | Reply
    Did you shuffle back to Buffalo that same day?     
D'Angelo, Kevin - Oct 06   Viewers  | Reply
    No- splashed in Lake Anna for dinner at Lakeside restaurant, then flew another hour north to Martinsdale airport just in time before they closed. Next day winds had calmed down and picked up a hitchhiker that flew back to Buffalo with me. My son checked the tail wheel today and is working fine- might have been some foreign object that hung up the retraction and probably fell off with the next splash.     
Dennis Scearce - Oct 05   Viewers  | Reply
    Love them round motors....     

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