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Category: Florida Flying

Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Foreflight and Garmin GDL 39 3D  
Shannon Moon - Feb 13   Viewers  | Reply
    I came across this tonight while I was googling to buy an extra charger for my Garmin GDL 39 3D. I was a bit lazy on my search
parameters and this foreflight link came up: . As of September, Foreflight supports the Garmin in addition
to a Stratus.

For those that aren't familiar with it, GDL 39 3D is Garmin's equivalent of a Stratus 2. It provides Synthetic Vision / AHRS / ASDB
In for Garmin units (like the Garmin Aerea 796 I have panel mounted in my Searey).

Because I already had the GDL 39, I didn't want to buy a Stratus just to use for Foreflight, even though I think it is superior to
Garmin mobile app. So, I've been stuck using Garmin Pilot on my phone/tablet to get the benefits of the GDL 39 3D.

After reading that page, I ran out to my hangar and tested Foreflight with the GDL 39 3D, and it works fine with Foreflight.
Synthetic vision worked wll, and I even saw an ads-b ping from someone taking off from nearby Lake Norman airport.

I can finally retire Garmin Pilot and go with Foreflight on my phone. The timing is perfect since my subscription for Garmin Pilot ran
out a few days ago.

Wayne Nagy - Oct 03   Viewers  | Reply
    on a "lighter" note, as we find more ways to add more glass instruments to our panels, keep in
mind that one of the greatest
pleasures in flying a Searey is the view .....outside! :-)

This was my first instrument panel on the first plane that I built. The plastic disc in the clear
plastic tube clearly shows I am
at max cruise. 45 MPH. Otherwise the view is basically unobstructed.

IMG 9323
IMG 9323

Ken Leonard - Oct 04   Viewers  | Reply
    Always said the only required instrument is oil pressure gauge. Have flown many times with airspeed zero as pitot plugged or
flapper over pitot not opening. Not knocking avionics - I have foreflight and dynon, but yeah, sometimes I don't want the input.

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