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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Helmet Cam video of aerobatic routine  
Tony Gugliuzza - May 14,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    I thought this was interesting.<br /><br /><br /><a href=""></a><br /><br /><br />     
Ren Nitzsche - May 14,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    me too!!!     
Robert Lee - May 28,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    Tony,<br /><br />That was interesting. I saw Robby at Sun N Fun at the Whirlwind booth. He seems like a really neat guy. I just bought my helmet cam (Sony 580 EXview) on Ebay today. Thanks for posting the good find!     
Don Maxwell - May 29,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    It is interesting. You get a pretty good idea of where he's looking. Too bad there's no way to turn off the music and hear the engine. It would be fun if we could see what his feet are doing, too.     
Tony Gugliuzza - May 29,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    Don, I agree.<br /><br />I particularly like watching when he had to use two hands to grab and yank the stick.<br />Sheesh! <br />I have to do that in a Phantom UL to avoid getting 'phantom roll elbow' but I figured a manuverable plane like the MX-2 would have lighter control forces.     
Don Maxwell - May 30,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    I noticed the two-hands parts, too, Tony. I think they're all when he needed quick full right stick. That's a backhand motion for the right arm, and he evidently needed a bit more oomph. There's at least one video of Bob Hoover using both hands to roll his Shrike.     
Mark Alan MacKinnon - Jun 04,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    I was just watching some vids of Hoover on youtube last night. The one of him pouring ice tea as he did a full roll was especially great, and showed what an excellent pilot he is (or was....I don't know if he is still flying today or not). He mentioned in an interview that he did that years ago while flying some generals in back, who were drinking coffee, and they never spilled a drop. Chuck Yeager, a long time friend of his, described him as a true 'stick and rudder pilot'. What the FAA did to him, yanking his license on trumped-up 'emergency medical' reasons, was a sin and showed how abusive the FAA can be, or at least was at that time. Someone in the FAA had an axe to grind against Hoover, and I'm not sure if they ever determined why exactly.     
Kenneth Leonard - May 29,2008   Viewers  | Reply
    It may not be heavy controls needing two hands, it may be 6 or 8 lateral Gs.     

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