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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Strawberry 5 - PBY-5A Catalina  
Donald White - Mar 04,2015   Viewers  | Reply

PBY-5A - Strawberry 5 Video
PBY-5A - Strawberry 5 Video

Don Maxwell - Mar 04,2015   Viewers  | Reply
John Dunlop - Mar 04,2015   Viewers  | Reply
    Really excellent!     
Carr, Frank  - Mar 05,2015   Viewers  | Reply
    The gorgeous ugly duckling...     
Chuck Cavanaugh - Mar 06,2015   Viewers  | Reply
    Nice, but I'm more of a PBM guy. My 93 year-old, still flying, hangar neighbor flew both in WWII. His buddy, from the same town (Ocean City, NJ), was one of the two PBY pilots to land and rescue the survivors of the Indianapolis.

How many WWII, seaplane pilots do you think are still flying? I'm humbled to say I'm friends with one.
Peter Brown - Jul 10,2016   Viewers  | Reply
    In case you've not seen the full footage version -

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