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                           Nov 21 12:29
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John Dunlop - Nov 13   Viewers  | Reply
    This is only a sample of current discount pricing available to Searey owners and builders. Updated: November 13th, 2017

See STS Site for my ROTAX Discount Pricing



John Dunlop - Dec 26,2016   Viewers  | Reply
    At the beginning of November 2015, PA changed their Kit pricing and a number of upgrade packages including an Engine Mounting Kit (included free with their engines) and a Firewall Forward Kit (an extra cost option that includes many items formerly standard with the Basic SeaRey Kit). Information about these changes can be found by contacting PA.

With engine warranties now commencing within six months of engine purchase by the Dealer, it makes no sense to buy your engine until you are ready to install it.. My new engines will be shipped insured to anywhere in the USA for a flat-rate $200 . CLA engines also carry an extended warranty commencing up to 1 year from the shipping date!


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