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Change places I RESUME IT hehehe
Who would change place with me ? I'm tired of snow here, I'll leave my Searey with skies and maybe a good bottle of wine. For trade for a nice villa on a warm beach preferably...hehehehe
Choices Votes Percent Who Voted
Bruno hurry its for when ?

Yes but does France is going with you ? 3

Tom Binsfeld, Dave Lima, Kevin D'Angelo
Hey, this might be interesting 4

John Dunlop, Jack Peters, Jean Paul Doiron, Tom White
No way freeze alone Bruno... 12

Robert Lee, Frank Carr, Gary Johnson, Rick Oreair, Chet Tims, Randy Wilder, Dennis Scearce, Ken Leonard, Frank Suger, Joe Varner, Chris Ruggles
Totals: 19 99 %

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