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                           Nov 21 12:19
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The Harbor
Taking it to the other side.png
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Posted By: Hal Brown
Date Posted: Oct 20, 2017
Description: Yesterday( Sept. 2004 ) was one of those ' what a great
experience' day. Flew up to Picton airport with # 2
grandson,Casey, and met Dave King and his wife Carol. We briefed
on some formation flying and took off into a 330*/10 wind. Choppy
up to 1400' then smooth. I asked Casey if he wanted to take
pictures or fly. After a short demo on putting the Storch in one spot
and holding it there, Casey proceeded to concentrate mightily and
flew formation for 30 minutes. What a blast! We landed back at
turtle Cove while C-FHAZ orbited o/h and # 1 grandson got into
the right seat. Took off from the water and did another 30 minutes
of formation. Kyle elected to take pictures so I got my practice in.
We followed Dave back to Picton...landed and debriefed. God ! are
we ever luckey to be able to do this. Freedom of flight!
Date Taken: Sep 2, 2004
Place Taken: Picton Airport
Owner: Dave Edward
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Category: Turtle Cove
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Read what others had to say:

Frank A. Carr - Sep 02,2004   Viewers  | Reply
    Dave, What a lifetime memory thrill for your grandkids!     
John Robert Dunlop - Sep 02,2004   Viewers  | Reply
    Dave, sounds like Picton is the fun place to be this summer! Great photos too!     
Dave Edward - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    This was 13 years ago. After a couple of years and much hard work , Casey is now in the right seat
of an Air Georgian CRJ Regional Jet.
Air Georgian is an Air Canada connector and the pilots have an opportunity to ' flow through ' to the
main line.
Casey instructed ab initio students and was an aerobatic and multi engine instructor in the Ottawa
area for 3 years.
He joins his great grandfather....grandfather....and father as the 4th generation airline pilot.
Very are very proud.... pleased and thankful.

Air Georgian Casey
Air Georgian Casey

Paul Sanchez - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    What a great family life! Congrats on raising a great group of pilots.     
Francois Picard - Oct 30   Viewers  | Reply
    Congragulation to all of you...
Talk to you soon Dave.

(le crapeau ) lol

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