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                           Nov 21 12:25
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Posted By: Don Maxwell
Date Posted: Oct 20, 2017
Description: This was right downwind for runway 3 at Farmville (KFVX) today. It was RIGHT downwind because on the other side of the runway was the box for this weekend's aerobatics competition.

The competition was organized by Danny Bond (who was at our splash-in a few weeks ago) so I buzzed over to Farmville to have a look-see. Twenty one entrants had arrived by the time I got there around mid-afternoon, and more were expected for Saturday's competition.
Date Taken: 2017 -10-20
Place Taken: KFVX, Farmville, Virginia
Owner: Don Maxwell
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Category: Max Pix
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Read what others had to say:

Don Maxwell - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    I landed and back-taxied to the ramp:      Attachments:  


Don Maxwell - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    Pretty planes all in a row.

Don Maxwell - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    Push that Pitts!

Don Maxwell - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    Do this!


Don Maxwell - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    Not a Pitts

Don Maxwell - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    Danny Bond

Don Maxwell - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    Surprise while I was climbing out on the way home. (Yes, Danny Bond saying goodbye.)      Attachments:  


Buck Bray - Oct 24   Viewers  | Reply
    Nice flyby!     
Wayne Nagy - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    That was cool, Don!     
Dave Edward - Oct 21   Viewers  | Reply
    Neat Don....you shoulda stayed and shown them SeaRey wingovers.     
Ron Hill - Oct 29   Viewers  | Reply
    I have a SeaRey and a Pitts S1S     
Dave Edward - Oct 29   Viewers  | Reply
    Will you adopt me ?     
Ron Hill - Nov 06   Viewers  | Reply
    Well, not a good time... The engine on the Pitts blew up three weeks ago, had to dead stick. So all you would get is a SeaRay and some dogs.     
Dave Edward - Nov 07   Viewers  | Reply
    Sorry to read that Ron...Dead stick must have gone well....
I'll take you up on the SR offer......you enjoy the dogs.

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