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Fourth Fiji Launching
Searey On His Mind
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Posted By: Steve Kessinger
Date Posted: Jun 11, 2017
Description: Beautiful day yesterday for a hangar warming after the fog burned off. The Heritage Flight Museum even put an air display (per FAA waiver, it was NOT an Airshow!!) on for us.

Mike Robbins gave visitors a look at his DragonRey, motivating me and setting a high bar for me to match. If you're near KBVS drop me a line an stop by.
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Owner: Steve Kessinger
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Steve Kessinger - Jun 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Now that OspRey is safely tucked away in her new nest, I gotta tackle a backyard that's turned into a jungle before I can start serious work again. But...... she's only 15 minutes away, and Honey, I've been pulling weeds all day, do you mind if I go to the airport for an hour or so.....?      Attachments:  

IMG 5768
IMG 5768

IMG 5774
IMG 5774


IMG 5773
IMG 5773


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