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Maverick....pre flt.
 Photo Info
Posted By: Wayne Nagy
Date Posted: Jun 5, 2017
Description: Ft Myers Page Field. KFMY. 8:30 PM Sunday evening
Date Taken: 6/4/17
Place Taken: FMY
Owner: Wayne Nagy
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Category: Florida_Flying
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Read what others had to say:

Wayne Nagy - Jun 05   Viewers  | Reply
    All the vehicles had there light/flashers on, ready to tear up the runway at midnight. No , this isn't
FMY is getting extensive work done. It has and will go on for months. But this week the entire
airport is closed for 5
days to do the intersection of 13/31 and 5/23. I had to get one last flight in before the
began. The pictures are grainy because it was after sunset, although it amazes me how much light
an iPhone can pick

IMG 6316.PN
IMG 6316

Ken Leonard - Jun 05   Viewers  | Reply
    Yeah...don't be this guy...      Attachments:  



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