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                           Nov 21 12:27
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David Mazer - Nov 01   Viewers  | Reply
    I have recently seen a SeaRey roaming around over the St John's river between Lake Harney and
Lake Jessup and around Lake Ashby several times. Anyone know who this is? I usually listen to
SFB tower around the airport but would like to be able to contact this individual when we are flying
so close to each other.
Ken Leonard - Nov 01   Viewers  | Reply
    I thought the retired C-5 guy flew a black checkerboard rudder but he's out of the Chesapeake. Richard...     
Robert Richardson IV - Nov 14   Viewers  | Reply
    That was not my MD SeaRey. It must be another SR     
Jim Ratte - Nov 01   Viewers  | Reply
    That's the only one I'm aware of. The aircraft is done in MD State flag colors.     
Daniel Myers - Nov 01   Viewers  | Reply
    Probably Claus out of spruce creek     
David Mazer - Nov 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Thank you Daniel.     
Wayne Nagy - Nov 01   Viewers  | Reply
    On the subject of unidentified Seareys....One landed at KFMY right before I departed in my 310. It had a red dive flag painted on the
rudder. any ideas?

Today , while flying east over the Caloosahatchee River around noon I saw another Searey flying east about 1 mile in front?

Your task is to name the Searey pilots???? :-)
Carr, Frank  - Nov 14   Viewers  | Reply
    Wasn't me sorry to say.     

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