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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Open House - Indian Lake NY 8/26 -8/27. Updated.again  
Brian Furnell - Aug 16   Viewers  | Reply
    If anyone needs a destination this weekend, your welcome to come and visit, and or stay the night.
The lake is high so I could only park 3 other planes on the beach maybe 4, so if you want to come let me know ahead of time. I will be flying up very early Saturday morning and home Sunday, so this whole thing is dependent on my route being clear.
The quail hunt starts at noon on Saturday, followed by cocktails and dinner at 7, formal dress required...

umm....... more like shoot some skeet, do some four wheeling, maybe fly up to long lake for dinner, then drink some beer by the campfire.
Fuel is available.
text or call - 631-827-3990

         indian lake NY
Brian Furnell - May 29   Viewers  | Reply
    Well.... it was just me. Weather wasn't bad on the way up. I did pass over another searey at Danbury CT, I think it was something
victor tango. Anywho, here's some of the flight up.

Lake pleasant to ilk
Lake pleasant to ilk

Carr, Frank  - Jun 01   Viewers  | Reply
    Good video Brian. Do you have the patch cord for your intercom so you could add commentary to your videos? I think I got mine
from goPro or AC Spruce, I forget now. Glassy water landings are challenging.
Brian Furnell - Jun 01   Viewers  | Reply
    My GoPro doesn't have audio input will have to upgrade it at some point     
Don Maxwell - Jun 01   Viewers  | Reply
    Brian, the audio input is in the mini USB connector. It's a special connector with, um, about 9 pins, maybe 10. To use it you have to have a special plug--but that comes with the cable Frank is talking about. (I'm not sure whether the GoPro 1 and 2 had it, or not, but the 3+ and I think the 4 do.)     
Brian Furnell - Jun 01   Viewers  | Reply
    I have one of the $100 budget "hero" cameras. no external auto support.     
Don Maxwell - Jun 02   Viewers  | Reply
    For that price, who needs external audio! (But if you ever do want to add audio comments, it's easy to do in almost every video editor.) (Except, maybe, in GoPro's own editor, which I've never used.)     
Don Maxwell - May 29   Viewers  | Reply
    Nice ride, Brian. The Adirondacks are lovely any time of the year.     
Brian Furnell - May 29   Viewers  | Reply
    The way home when you can trust the equipment      Attachments:  

Ilk direct to sagandaga
Ilk direct to sagandaga

Brian Furnell - May 31   Viewers  | Reply
    Lake is slowly going back to normal level. Pollin and black flys also should be at manageable levels by then and maybe even have
the beach cleaned up. Hopefully I won't be the
only one there next time. All are welcome. Please rsvp if would like to stay a night or two.

IMG 0032.JP
IMG 0032

Brian Furnell - Jun 16   Viewers  | Reply
    Kevin stopped by for lunch, on his way to another event. Weather was awesome for about 4hrs on Thursday, and that's it. I wonder
if I'll get a chance to make it home sometime this weekend. ( I don't have enough clean underwear )

IMG 0134.JP
IMG 0134


IMG 0130.JP
IMG 0130

Brian Furnell - Jun 16   Viewers  | Reply
    Even these guys won't fly today. But I'm pretty sure some of them don't have an airworthiness cert yet.      Attachments:  

IMG 0149.JP
IMG 0149


IMG 0138.JP
IMG 0138

Don Maxwell - Jun 17   Viewers  | Reply
    Looks like it's clearing there today, Brian--although the ceiling to the south is still low. But, really, that Searey looks great on your beach! And there's probably enough acid in the lakewater to purify the groadiest drawers--so what's your hurry?
Don Maxwell - Jun 17   Viewers  | Reply
    By the way, the beach looks pretty firm, but if it's too soft to taxi onto and do a 180, I've found that a strap-type, hand powered winch works wonders at pulling the airplane backwards up a soft beach and out of the water. It should also work if your tailwheel won't caster enough to allow a tight 180 turn on one wheel. (Tailwheel discussions on STS.) Using a double-eye dock line or mooring pendant makes it even easier because you can loop the line around the tailwheel arm to keep it from retracting and then run the winch hook through both eyes.     
Brian Furnell - Jun 17   Viewers  | Reply
    I did drive it out of the water and was able to spin it, the problem was the ramp was so steep the plane was leaning so far nose
down I wouldn't have been able to put much fuel in it.
I am much closer to home but stuck in some unforsaken place. Currently waiting for mass transit to complete my adventure. A big
long story to come. Mostly what not to do.
Don Maxwell - Jun 18   Viewers  | Reply
    Mass transit--yikes!     
Brian Furnell - Jun 18   Viewers  | Reply
    As much as I hate train travel this place always amazes me. Grand central      Attachments:  

IMG 0174.JP
IMG 0174


IMG 0173.JP
IMG 0173

Don Maxwell - Jun 18   Viewers  | Reply
    It's said that if you stand in Grand Central for an hour you'll see someone you know. The last time I was there I stopped for a few seconds and Judd Siegle, a guy I had known many years earlier in the army, walked right up to me and said hello. Very cool place!     
Brian Furnell - Jun 17   Viewers  | Reply
    In case you don't get into the woods much. Here are some of the sights.      Attachments:  

IMG 0157.JP
IMG 0157

IMG 0166.JP
IMG 0166

IMG 0146.JP
IMG 0146


IMG 0154.JP
IMG 0154

IMG 0149.JP
IMG 0149

Brian Furnell - Jun 19   Viewers  | Reply
    I have yet to write the story of my adventure only because it still isn't over. Well maybe it is tonight, I hope. The final chapter of this
one ends with winning the lottery for tickets to the broadway show "Hamilton". So I roll in Sunday morning around 3am after a train
planes and automobile (not in that order) trip that started at 2pm the previous day. After leaving my phone in the cab on my final
leg I decide at 3am to track down the driver with the app my wife uses to track me when flying. So it's 4am, I have all my
belongings and I'm in bed asleep. In the morning my wife enters the lottery for the show tickets on both our phones as we have
been doing every day twice a day for the last 3 months. (Background... tickets are normally 1000$ and up if you bought from
stubhub or other third party and $10 if you win lottery, July 2 is my daughters birthday and I was just about to bite the bullet and
remortgage my house to get them because that's how much she wanted to go ) the thing is if you win it is for the show on that
same day. I awake after 4 hrs of sleep to my wife jumping down "you won, you won". Since the person that wins is the only one that
can claim the tickets I'm headed back to the city after fetching my car from the airport. What a wonderful Father's Day, and a dream
come true for my daughter Amelia. ( her name is not a coincidence). You can't make this shit up!!! I'm still in disbelief.

IMG 0190.JP
IMG 0190

Steve Kessinger - Jun 20   Viewers  | Reply
    YOU LUCKY #$%%&&^&&^&^&*(*&^&^&*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Father's Day, Brian, I'm not envious of many people but I'm envious of you, that must have been so awesome to not only win the Ham for Ham lottery, but also take your daughter at a perfect age. Hope you and your family enjoyed it!

For those who don't know.....


How "Hamilton" started
How "Hamilton" started

CBS Sunday Morning
CBS Sunday Morning


Tony Awards
Tony Awards

Eric Batterman - Jun 20   Viewers  | Reply
    WSS. Saw Hamilton a few weeks ago - highly recommend! Great documentary about the show called "Hamilton's America". Available online if you are a member of any pbs tv station.     
Brian Furnell - Jun 19   Viewers  | Reply
    A special thanks goes out to Paulo (former seareyer) for letting me use his hanger and getting me to the train. If someone wanted to
donate a searey to someone, he's your man.
Don Maxwell - Jun 19   Viewers  | Reply
    Front row center! What a great Adventure!     
Brian Furnell - Jun 20   Viewers  | Reply
    .      Attachments:  


D'Angelo, Kevin - Jun 20   Viewers  | Reply
    Too bad the rest of the gang couldn't make it up , I had had three great days of flying around Lake Placid. Ride home today sucked but was an adventure.     
Brian Furnell - Aug 16   Viewers  | Reply
    This will probably be the last trip for the season for me before I start preparing for winter shutdown. September starts to get too busy
with kids in school and their sports on the weekends, as well as the all the other events coming up, so come one come all, I dont want
to have to haul home the leftover beers. Weather has been tough up this way just about all summer, I think there has been only one
weekend where both days were VFR, so if its nice, get out and fly... the lake is warm(ish), water is low (plenty of parking), bugs are
tolerable, and fuel is available. Same drill, if your thinking you might come, please just shoot me a text.
Brian Furnell - Aug 27   Viewers  | Reply
    The last hurrah.      Attachments:  

IMG 0563.JP
IMG 0563

IMG 0568.JP
IMG 0568

IMG 0557.JP
IMG 0557


IMG 0571.JP
IMG 0571

IMG 0569.JP
IMG 0569

Brian Furnell - Aug 27   Viewers  | Reply
    Pancakes in piseco. Cold air warm lake. The bee that didn't quite make it. Apache stole Terence and my thunder. Hauling the gear
home for the season. Here's to visiting some of you all points south. Cheers

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