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Owner -  Rick Oreair
File - Pat Coyles.jpg -  Pat Coyles.jpg

Rick Oreair - Apr 07,2016   Viewers  | Reply
    Searey Heaven for Sale!! Pat Coyle has moved to Alaska, and has his place for sale. Perfect for a Searey!! Contact him directly.     
Rick Oreair - Nov 07,2016   Viewers  | Reply
    Pat called me from Alaska yesterday. Says price is greatly reduced if anyone is interested. Located on Doctor's Lake, near Jacksonville
Florida. Part of the St. John's River. CERTIFIED seaplane base with a great ramp. Doc was damaged by Hurricane Matthew, but house
and ramp in great shape. Call Pat if interested.
Russ Garner - Nov 08,2016   Viewers  | Reply
    Rick, the Florida seaplane base registry has Doctor's seaplane base ID 62FD as a private seaplane base the same as Garner's Landing 1FL0. A PSPB status is not the same as SPB and loses its private seaplane bases status after the sell of the property.     
Rick Oreair - Nov 21,2016   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks Russ, Just passing on info from Pat. I've no dog in the hunt, but it is a really nice place with a great ramp.     
Russ Garner - Nov 26,2016   Viewers  | Reply
    Hey, it's cool the good thing is the FDOT has stopped requiring seaplane owners for making their private homes in to private airports just so they can keep an airplane on their property. So if it was a PSPB it probably has seaplane friendly neighbor's but before I'd buy a place like this for my airplane I'd check with the FAA and County or municipality having jurisdiction.     

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