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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   912ULS ADVANCED START UPGRADE KIT  
John Dunlop - Apr 08   Viewers  | Reply



John Dunlop - Apr 08   Viewers  | Reply
    Note: This is a fully wired 6-Pin ASM installation.
Reference to "4-pin E-module connectors" means that with "ConAir Soft Starts" no longer available, older 912ULS engines with 4-pin
modules, will now have the option of upgrading to a 6-pin Advanced Start system.
John Dunlop - Apr 17   Viewers  | Reply
    Service Instruction :
Advanced Start Modules System for ROTAX® Engine Type 912 Series

In the course of further development and standardization, an ignition module for delayed start-up ignition timing has been
introduced. This enhanced starting function of the module can be activated by a 12V signal via an 18 gauge wire (Rotax calls it the
“easy start activation cable”). Without this optional 12V activation the ignition system works in the same way as the previous
system. (The previous system fires the spark plugs as the pistons travel to 4 degrees before top-dead-center, then as the engine
speeds up to 1000 rpm the plugs fire at 26 degrees before top-dead-center)

Full integration of the new flywheel and advance start modules allow for a noticeably smoother engine start. By advancing the
engine timing to "after T.D.C." and having this advanced startup timing continue for several seconds after startup, the engine is
allowed to start with much lower piston pulses, making it an easier job for the starter and less wear on the gearbox.

As of 04/2014, new 912 and 914 series engines began to be equipped from the factory with the Advanced Start System. This SI
explains how three different serial number ranges of engines require different installation procedures:

Category "A" - the wires (easy-start cable kit) are already attached to the ignition modules, but installer must connect them to the
starter solenoid.
Category "B" - the cable kit is included in the engine crate, and must be connected at the starter solenoid and also at the ignition
Category "C" - this range of engines (dating back to 04/2004) is "upgrade-ready" but would require installation of a
set of new modules and a new flywheel hub, as well as the cable kit.

This SI contains news and changes regarding the new delivery state of the engines in combination with the “easy start activation

For full details, see the Service Instruction...

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