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                           Nov 21 12:30
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John Dunlop - Nov 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Builder Specials updated on November 11, 2017 All listing prices have been cash-discounted for our STS members only. See STS Site for my ROTAX Pricing For DETAILS on many listings go to: http://www.seareycanada.com/Specials.htm



Ken Leonard - Oct 19   Viewers  | Reply
    Over the last 10+yrs, I have purchased so many things from John and every purchase went smoothly. I can't recommend
him highly enough. 912s engine, power bus, gear board, gear lights, gear warning, oil filters, sparks, toggle switches,
canopy and engine covers, bearings, heater core and fans, hull drain, carb boots... he is an asset to our community.
Carr, Frank  - Oct 29   Viewers  | Reply
John Dunlop - Oct 22   Viewers  | Reply
    Wow, Ken! What can I say?! Thank you!

Actually, I do want to comment on what an honest, ethical group you Searey folks have been. I have been sourcing discount stuff for
builders and owners since 2003! Unlike other online (pre-pay) businesses, you guys never get my invoice until after I ship. In 14
years I have always received your check in the mail...

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