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                           Nov 21 12:29
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Troy iRMT Heavy Maint. Enriquez - May 03,2010   Viewers  | Reply
    Title: Collards Description: Really good Ingredients: Collard Greens

Two (2) bundles of fresh Collard Greens – cut into
approximately 1” strips
Four (4) cloves of Garlic – minced (Less or more as
you please)
One (1) lb salt pork – Trimmed and diced into ½”
One (1) large yellow onion – chopped
One (1) tsp red pepper flakes
Two (2) tbsp honey
One (1) cup dry white wine
Three (3) cups chicken stock
One (1) bottle of malt vinegar
Directions: Heat a large Dutch oven or pot to medium high.
Add the salt pork and cook until browned and crispy
Add the onion and stir
When the onion begins to become slightly
translucent and the garlic and sautU for two minutes
Add the white wine, pepper flakes and stir until the
bottom of the pot is deglazed
Then add the honey and one (1) cup of chicken
Next add one (1) hand full of greens and mix until
they begin to wilt and there is room for more in the
Continue to add one (1) handful of greens at a time
mixing until slightly wilted until all the greens are in
the pot (All of the greens will eventually fit)
Reduce heat and simmer uncovered until greens are
desired texture about 20-30 minutes (I like to pick
out the thicker pieces of the greens stocky leafs to
check for desired texture)
Add more chicken stock as it gets cooked down
Serve with the malt vinegar on the side

These are great with anything BBQ’d, a good
cornbread or just in a bowl with some malt vinegar
Number Of Servings: Preparation Time:

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