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New Searey owner Chuck Cox
Limping Home
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Posted By: Hal Brown
Date Posted: Oct 8, 2017
Description: My friend Norm designs flight simulator models for various software companies.
Hes been over my aircraft several times to get the SeaRey just right.
We had a discussion on the various hull types and I explained there have been many heated discussions on what hull is best. So that we can get the Searey on an even playing field with all hull types he has designed this compromise to quash the controversy.
All in fun folks, the new Sim model will be available shortly without floats.
If I can get permission to release it to our group I will post the files for Flight Simulator here as well.

Date Taken: Jan 21, 2005
Place Taken:
Owner: Frank N.
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Read what others had to say:

Kenneth Leonard - Jan 21,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Frank, that sounds great. Thanks.     
Bret Smith - Jan 21,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    A SeaRey in Flight Sim... very cool.     
Roberta Hegy - Jan 22,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Bubba would like you're new design. It may increase the freeboard on the upper hull. Redundancy is good.     
Frank A. Carr - Jan 22,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Repositioning gear with retractable gear--a mechanics delight.     
Jack Peters - Jan 22,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Looks a bit Irish, 'To be sure to be sure'     
Charles Pickett - Jan 23,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Does this mean that we can now bounce at least twice     
Charles Pickett - Jan 23,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    I hope the flight sim has a 'B' hull I need it     
Steven Ebbert - Jan 24,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Frank N. I would love the Searey for my FS 2002 I do hope your will friend share it I have Bata tested for others in the past and would do so again if I could help thanks.<br /><br />Frank G. the flight sim I started with was MS FS 86 for Apple (stick figures!) to MS FS 2002 and near every other flight sim in-between and you are right no home PC based sim well never stack up to the new real things but with the right add-ons and a little tweaking FS 2002 is as good as it gets it is a lot better than the real Apache simulator I got to play with back in the early 80's when it was still a Hughes project. crank up the realism and try some of the bad weather IFR's it's a cheep way to learn IFR at home.     
Robert Lee - Jan 24,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Frank N.<br />Its great to see your friend building a Searey in FS 2004. This takes alot of time to do correctly. From the looks of your picture, he is taking the time to do it right. Please let us know when he is finished. I would be willing to pay up to $20.00 for a good build.     
Frank Noordhuis - Jan 24,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Here is another picture of the Searey sim model under development with out the silly float idea, enjoy, any feed back is welcome, I do think it will sport my reg. C-FEUD on it's hull when done.      Attachments:  

update 151.jpg
update 151

Steve Kessinger - Oct 07   Viewers  | Reply
    In case anyone did not know, Just Flight has a SeaRey in their Discover Arabia package     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 07   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks Steve, I am not familiar with Just Flight. I am still messing around with MSFSX.

I totally forgot about this thread and that it was Frank's friend who was working on this. His Searey, which was designed for FS2004 and was a true work of art, no longer shows properly in FSX in Windows 10. Many panels don't show at all; I call it the Sea-thru-Rey.
Steve Kessinger - Oct 08   Viewers  | Reply
    It's for both FSX and FS9. Repainting in FS9 is pretty easy but time consuming.      Attachments:  

SeaRey repaints
SeaRey repaints

MiniCat (1)
MiniCat (1)



scott 1
scott 1

Mark Alan MacKinnon - Jan 24,2005   Viewers  | Reply
    Hooray, someone's finally doing this!     

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