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New Searey owner Chuck Cox
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Posted By: Donald White
Date Posted: Oct 16, 2017
Description: The show must go on! Our annual Monster Splash Seaplane Fly-In
has been rescheduled to for Saturday, November 18th.

Our marina took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma last month and
we are proud to say that the cleanup project is almost complete.
We very much look forward to welcoming seaplanes to Tavares
Seaplane Base once again!

The event will feature four contests as part of the competition:

- Fastest Takeoff

- Smashing Pumpkins Bomb Drop

- Spot Landing

- Accuracy Landing

We will have marshals on the apron, docks & shoreline to receive
inbound aircraft starting at 9am. Attached is the registration packet
for the event. We encourage you to register in advance as contest
spots will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Simply
complete the registration form. Pilots can also register at the event
but please keep in mind that contest spots are limited. If you would
like to fly in but do not want to participate in the contest, please
submit a registration form so we can have a gift pack ready and
waiting for you!

Each pilot (co-pilots/aircraft passengers included) who flies in and
visits our event will receive a Tavares gift bag including fun items
such as a Monster Splash t-shirt and a $10 dining voucher to local
restaurants, good for the day of the event and for up to two weeks

The required pilot’s meeting for contest participants will be held at
10am. At 11am the National Anthem will kick off the contest events
which will be conducted under the supervision of our Air Boss.

Again, please review the attached flyer for more information. To
register for the Monster Splash Fly-In, whether you’re competing or
not, simply send in your registration page via email. If you have
questions, please feel free to email or call Cheri Moan
cmoan@tavares.org 352-742-6176.
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Owner: Donald White
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Monster Splash-In - Tavares
Monster Splash-In - Tavares


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