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Tavares Monster Seaplane Splash-In November 18, 2017
New hull  a problem
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Posted By: Nickens, Dan
Date Posted: Sep 30, 2017
Date Taken: Sep 2017
Place Taken: KPLU
Owner: Chuck_ Cox
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Read what others had to say:

Sauers, Jeff - Oct 01   Viewers  | Reply
    Welcome Chuck!     
Carr, Frank  - Oct 01   Viewers  | Reply
    Welcome Chuck and enjoy the SeaRey world of "no limits".     
David Mazer - Oct 01   Viewers  | Reply
    Welcome Chuck. Hace a great time.     
Wayne Nagy - Oct 01   Viewers  | Reply
    Hello Chuck!
You are sitting in the best FUN flying machine that I have had the pleasure of owning in the last 35 years of flying!
Dennis Scearce - Oct 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Welcome, Chuck. WUFF!!     
Ken Leonard - Oct 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Welcome Chuck! Be sure to visit the searey technical site frequently. Great value for every level of experience in
Seareys there. As Dennis says, "Wheels Up For Flying"
Bill Bertram - Oct 08   Viewers  | Reply
    Leonard, how do I access the. Searey technically
Site. ? Bill Bertram. Searey owner in Wisconsin
Ken Leonard - Oct 09   Viewers  | Reply
    I just texted two of the admins to help you out.     
D'Angelo, Kevin - Oct 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Congrats Chuck- where do you play?     
Paul Sanchez - Oct 11   Viewers  | Reply
    looks like he's in Puyallup, WA     
Shannon Moon - Oct 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Congratulations and welcome to the community of Searey owners. It is a great bunch of folks!     
Russ Garner - Oct 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Glad to have you on-board Chuck.     
Dirck Hecking - Oct 14   Viewers  | Reply
    Happy landings... welcome aboard...     

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