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Posted By: Robert Richardson IV
Date Posted: Sep 10, 2017
Description: Spotted this low time Beriev-103, a 6 seater amphib from Russia. The A&P electronic tech said a Chinese investor, who owned the acft jigs and specs tried to buy it from the current owner. Deal fell thru when the Chinese reduced the agreed upon offer by $40K.

Looked nice and spacing, but its specs show it way under-powered with a useful load of @540#. Also it was so low to the ground (<6"" at the step) that you'd scrap bottom coming up a ramp.
Date Taken: Sept 9, 2017
Place Taken: New Castle Apt DE
Owner: Robert Richardson IV
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Category: Seaplane History
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Read what others had to say:

Robert Richardson IV - Sep 10   Viewers  | Reply
    Here is the spec sheet the A&P had.

         Forts & Ship (Sept 2017) - IMG_9049

Wiki info
Wiki info

Eric Batterman - Sep 10   Viewers  | Reply
    They originally imported 3 of these to Sky Manor airport (near me in NJ). Sat there for a long time... I don't like all that wing sitting in the water.     
Don Maxwell - Sep 10   Viewers  | Reply
    I saw one (I think it was this design--a Beriev, anyway) at the Oshkosh SPB several years ago. The wings were right in the water.     
Mark MacKinnon - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Yep, saw this at Greenville Maine Seaplane fly-in many years ago. Took a LONG distance to get off the water. Maybe it should be BEREAVE 103.     
Paulo Constantino - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
Saw this on YouTube years ago. In your neck of the woods. Must be before they closed off all waterways in New Jersey. Over 23 seconds to
get off the water. A lot can happen in that time. Typical Russian aircraft, built like a tank.
John Tucci - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Found 2 in the FAA database. Both Corp/LLC, one registered in DE and one in PA. I also saw them at Sky Manor years ago.     

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