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Finely Beached
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Posted By: Russ Garner
Date Posted: Apr 18, 2017
Description: You know who and Kevin Lacey with his GoPro on a stick in the
Date Taken: April 2, 2017
Place Taken: Garner's Landing
Owner: Russ Garner
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Category: Garner's_Landing_2017
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Read what others had to say:

Don Maxwell - Apr 17   Viewers  | Reply
    That's a Searey angle you don't often see from the side like this.     
Ken Leonard - Apr 17   Viewers  | Reply
    I was there. They probably had a 250' turn radius at most and he did this several times. Cannot think of another plane that can
do that.
Don Maxwell - Apr 17   Viewers  | Reply
    It certainly is impressive, Ken. In the photo, we can see some of the starboard side, and a rough guess is that it's maybe a 75 or 80 degree bank angle--so he must have been pulling fairly hard. There seems to be a bit of top rudder, but not a whole lot, and probably not enough to keep the nose up at that bank angle, although of course there's no way to know what it was a second earlier or later. No matter what the guesses are, it's a right tight turn, and pretty.     
Russ Garner - Apr 18   Viewers  | Reply
    The roll rate with Fries ailerons make this speedy roll possible. I've been in the plane and while it's a
hard over stick roll it's so short of time before he's back to level the G's and pull are not needed in this
split second maneuver. See Kevin's Facebook page link below.

Kevins GoPro
Kevins GoPro


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