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                           Nov 21 12:29
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Dave Edward - Oct 28   Viewers  | Reply
    This video was made to show a group of pilot employees the history of their airline, it's roots and progression. Greg Edward put it together so there is a little bias built in. TCA...Trans Canada Airlines was formed in 1937....name changed to Air Canada in 1965. My dad joined in 1940 and retired in 1970. His pic appears at :17 and 1:45. I joined in 1958 and retired in 1998.....pic at 2:00 and 3:18. Son Gregory joined in 1989 and is a current B-787 Capt. His pic at 4:19. Grandson Casey joined the Air Canada family, flying a CRJ this year. At 1:53 in the video is a pic of Bob & Rod Smith......our first father /son team in the airline...70's. Some of you may recognize the Bristol freighter....the Lancastrian and the ' Gimli glider ' Not sure how many airlines have 3 or 4 generations of family pilots. We are very fortunate...proud and pleased.      Attachments:  

80 years of history
80 years of history


Casey sn
Casey sn

Wayne Nagy - Oct 28   Viewers  | Reply
    Good video, Dave. Add your family information and it is truly an exceptional video! Thank you for sharing a great story!     
Don Maxwell - Oct 28   Viewers  | Reply
    That's quite a video, Dave. Must make you feel nostalgic--as well as pleased.     
Carr, Frank  - Oct 29   Viewers  | Reply
    Great video Dave. Looks like back in the day when flying (as a passenger) was a pleasant experience. Congratulations on
the Flying Family Tree!
Paul Sanchez - Oct 30   Viewers  | Reply
    Dave, that certainly brings back some wonderful memories for me and I am quite impressed with the
story of your family history.
You are probably familiar with the CF-TCC, the Lockheed 10-A that Air Canada purchased in 1984.
The attached pic is of me in 1977 stripping all of the paint off of 'er! Of course, that was 40 years ago
and I had a little more hair. What a way to start off in aviation!
I was 17 and you can see the brown spot underneath the wing which was Turco paint stripper. I
stripped the paint off most of the airplane myself and that was not much fun for a 17 yr old, but it
paid off when we later found, etched into the aluminum skin, the letters: CF-TCC.
Bud Clark, who was a former childhood friend of my fathers purchased the airplane from a church
that was using it to do mission work in the Caribbean Islands. Bud had been involved in purchasing
classic aircraft and I spent my early years working on several of them like a FG-1D Corsair, WACO
UPF-7, a Stinson SM-8a and of course N3749 which originally was and is again CF-TCC. We flew the
Lockheed to Harlingen, TX in 1977 to the CAF air show and had a fellow come up & tell us
that he was an employee at Air Canada and that N3749 was once operated by Trans Canada. Long
story short, in 1984 Bud sold the plane to Air Canada as they were preparing for their 50th
anniversary. I corresponded with the pilot's that were flying it, but foolishly I never made to
Winnipeg to see 'er and now I see she's flying again to commemorate the 80th anniversary! I really
would like to go up to CA to see 'er if you have any information about how I can do that, please feel
free to contact me. My contact info is in the directory.
Thanks for sharing your story.


Don Maxwell - Oct 30   Viewers  | Reply
    Hey, Paul, if you'd like to revisit your youth, there's a Lodestar at KFCI that sure could use stripping and painting.      Attachments:  

KFCI Lodestar
KFCI Lodestar

Paul Sanchez - Oct 31   Viewers  | Reply
    Not in a million years! Too bad they just can't pull it into a "wash" stall and strip it all at one time.
We did have a Lodestar that I did some work on and it sold shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, Pablo
Escobar's group set it down in the Atlantic Ocean!
They really are a great airplane. My friend Bud use to work with Dee Howard when they did the
Howard conversions back in the 50's & 60's and then flew them for National Distillers in KTEB.

Howard 250
Howard 250

Dave Edward - Nov 02   Viewers  | Reply
    Looks like it will have to be next year Paul.

Don Maxwell - Oct 31   Viewers  | Reply
    Wow, that's gorgeous! (But sort of wrong with that nosewheel, somehow.)     
Dave Edward - Oct 31   Viewers  | Reply
    Take a look at this Paul.....your initial work really looks great and it continues.
The gentleman who ferried TCC back to Winnipeg was Capt. Ray Lank. He is 89 and has difficulty
speaking due to a stroke this summer. He and Bud did the flight. Ray's wife has a bunch of info she will pass on to me and I will
fwd it to you.
As far as I can ascertain, TCC is back in mothballs. I'll keep you posted on future plans and you will be more than welcome to stay
with us.


Dave Edward - Oct 31   Viewers  | Reply
    What a great story Paul. I'll get some info and get back to you soon.
I flew TCC in 1987....not on tour, just a couple of circuits in Montreal.
Thanks for the post....Dave
wayne kimm - Nov 01   Viewers  | Reply
    great story dave     

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