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Donald White - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Another thread indicated that the marquee message at the top of the Front Page is not working
correctly on some platforms. I tried a number of Window browsers and Android with no issues.

Currently the only platform that has a problem is an iPhone. Anybody else having a problem?
Dennis Scearce - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Not on this site. No banner on STS.     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    I don't think there is one on STS, Dennis.     
Dennis Scearce - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Well, there's not one on my STS anyway.     
Don Maxwell - Nov 04   Viewers  | Reply
    Right, none on STS. Can someone try the Splash marquee on an iPhone and an Android and see if the last sentence is complete? It's not on my iPhone.     
Dennis Scearce - Nov 04   Viewers  | Reply
    Works on my Android.     
Don Maxwell - Nov 04   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks, Dennis. It still restarts immediately after "...join the Searey Technical Site" on my iPhone, in both portrait and landscape orientation.

But the scrolling marquee displays correctly and completely in the new Front Page intended for phones and tablets. (Click on "New Look" near the upper right corner of this page. To get back to the Old Look, you may have to use the browser's back button.)
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Scrolls fine all the way on my Android, Don, then it repeats. Actually it is better tonight as apparently Don has sped it up. Before, it was slow, would stop, then start again, but would eventually go all the way across.     
Don Maxwell - Nov 04   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks, Mark. It would be good if someone with an iPhone can try it, too. I sped it up this morning (administrators' privilege). Is it too fast? It looks jerky to me now.     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 24   Viewers  | Reply
    You might try slowing it one notch...     
Don Maxwell - Oct 24   Viewers  | Reply
    Done. It's "medium" now.     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Better, Don. It was too slow originally; it's good now.

Ken, are you still not seeing it?
Ken Leonard - Oct 27   Viewers  | Reply
    Works now on my iPad. Thanks.     
Don Maxwell - Oct 27   Viewers  | Reply
    On my iPhone it still aborts and restarts after "Technical Sit" (By the way, the last time I talked with Don W.--a few days ago-- he wasn't feeling well. Might be resting up just now.)     
Don Maxwell - Oct 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Don W., I've tried three iPhone browsers--Safari, Firefox, and Puffin. Safari and Firefox both abort and restart the crawl just as the "e" in "site" appears. Puffin actually manages to get all of the words on screen, but the last 8 words come in fits and starts, with several repeats of individual words (or groups of characters). I don't know whether Puffin uses the Safari engine, or not, but it will display Flash pages correctly; Safari won't run Flash at all. (I think that's Steve Jobs' policy.)

We could shorten the marquee message--if someone can think of a wording that gets in all of the ideas in fewer words.

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