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                           Nov 21 12:32
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Donald White - Oct 20   Viewers  | Reply
    If you go to the home page of the NavWorX site, you will see this message.

The ADS600-B Gen 2.0 product utilizes a GPS module from a third-party vendor. Although the
vendor represented their GPS module met 14 CFR 91.227, the FAA recently determined the GPS
module does not meet 14 CFR 91.227.

We are unable to sell the ADS600-B, or provide AD updates, for either certified or experimental

Therefore, we are not currently conducting any business and have ceased operations.

We will provide updates if they become available.


Bill Brown - Oct 21   Viewers  | Reply
    So what is the least expensive ADS-B option for a Searey with the GTX327 transponder and Garmin 796GPS? Is this the
wrong site for this question?
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 22   Viewers  | Reply
    Bill, it is up to the S&D admins if non-Searey discussion (like ADS-B) can be conducted here.

But Don White has posted the same post on STS. If you own or are building a Searey, you are invited and encouraged to join STS by following the instructions in the scrolling banner at the top of the front page of this site.
Ken Leonard - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Mark - I don't see the scrolling banner any more.     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Hmmmm.....I see it! It's there, Ken. On both my phone and laptop. Just to make sure, it's not at the top of this page - it's only on the front page. Also, you need to give it a moment to come in.

Different browsers and ad-blocks can play havoc with stuff like that. Try some settings if you still can't see it.
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    My phone is an Android. Firefox on that and my laptop.     
Don Maxwell - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    I tried the banner last night on my iPhone. It worked, but stopped before getting to the end of the "STS" sentence.     
Ken Leonard - Oct 22   Viewers  | Reply
    There is a recent post on the tech site re: ADSB out option.     

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