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                           Nov 21 12:24
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Nickens, Dan - Oct 06   Viewers  | Reply
    It's finally made it back to the America! Southern Sun is back in celluloid after an epic trip around the world. The movie documenting Michael Smith's epic trip will be shown at Orlando Film Festival on October 22.      Attachments:  

Marquee Showing of Southern Sun
Marquee Showing of Southern Sun

Dennis Scearce - Oct 06   Viewers  | Reply
    I ordered my copy back in March. Looking forward to watching it and living vicariously through Michael Smith.     
Bruce MacInnes - Oct 18   Viewers  | Reply
    Anyone planing to go? I'm driving down to Sebring from Mass. this week & think I'd like to see this. Let's find a restaurant
near by & do a 5:30 dinner.
Kevin Oaks PA - Oct 18   Viewers  | Reply

Most of the PA factory employees are going, including Kerry and family, most of the CFIs, as well as quite a few folks from the
Seaplane Pilots Association. The venue is right in the center of downtown Orlando, so the restaurant options are unlimited. The
theater has a bar and serves some food. You can't go wrong with Rusty Spoon on Church Street, a few blocks away (pricey, but

Keep in mind, this is a film festival, so a ticket is a really just a day pass to the film festival. Seating will be limited and first come,
first serve. There is only one showing of Voyage of the Southern Sun at 5:15pm. I had the film festival organizer move the film to a
larger theater than originally planned to accommodate a good turn out.
Bruce MacInnes - Oct 19   Viewers  | Reply
    Perfect!!! For some reason I thought the viewing was at 7 PM - Let's head to the Rusty Spoon after the show. We probably need a
head count for a reservation, so let me know & I'll do it when I get to Sebring (made it to Savannah tonight)...
Bill Brown - Oct 21   Viewers  | Reply
    I have my day pass. Hope there are enough seats.     
Bruce MacInnes - Oct 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Last night was Fun!!! - It was Great to see old friends & meet new members of our Searey Family. I Love being a member of this
group... It is always a privilege to see & talk with Kerry & Dan. - Very Cool!!!
Dave Edward - Oct 24   Viewers  | Reply
    How true Bruce....that's why we should all chip in to keep the fun rolling.     
Bill Brown - Oct 24   Viewers  | Reply
    I really enjoyed the film and it was good to see the participation of the Searey group. I arrived there early and enjoyed the
Wasp documentary too. I've already had several questions as to when I will begin my around the world tour. I tell them that I
will just continue to be thrilled by posts from Micheal Smith and our own Dan Nickens.
David Martin - Oct 29   Viewers  | Reply
    I was out of town for the film. How can I buy the DVD?     
Nickens, Dan - Oct 29   Viewers  | Reply
    Check out the shop at the Southern Sun site, Dave. I also excited about the book. The web site says both will be available this month.      Attachments:  

Southern Sun Site
Southern Sun Site


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