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                           Nov 21 12:24
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Category: Florida Flying

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Ken Leonard - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Tampa bruised but ok. South of us much worse.     
Dennis Scearce - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks for letting us know, Ken. Glad you are OK.     
Mark MacKinnon - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Glad to hear, Ken.     
Don Maxwell - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    It's good to know you have a way to get online, Ken--with a cellphone, I suppose. That's a god sign. But a quick look at the front pages of Splash and STS shows that nobody in southern Florida has logged in since Irma arrived there. (But I hope I've missed somebody.) I saw a few in Merritt Island, one a bit south of there on the east coast, and one in Orlando.     
Ken Leonard - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Frank just told me he and wayne are ok. Wayne had some losses but no injuries apparently.     
Carr, Frank  - Sep 21   Viewers  | Reply
    We just arrived back to FMY. House had minimal damage. SeaRey and it's hanger had no damage whatever. First use of 10-year old
generator at house saved the food in Fridge. Area has a relative small number of downed trees and signs. We have plenty of trees
and don't need the signs anyway.
Ken Leonard - Sep 11   Viewers  | Reply
    Sue and i have been thru hurricanes before but this was the scariest.
We lost several panels from the roof of my hangar but they are corrogated
plastic and had been hardening in the sun for years.

Our winds were in the 90 mph range and trees went down but not too many
I think naples and sarasota where wayne and frank are got hit much harder.
Russ Garner - Sep 12   Viewers  | Reply
    The weather guys sure had this one screwed up.
Irmas eye went right over the house Sunday around midnight with winds over 100 mph
pretty nerve racking couple of hours. Trees down all over the place with damage to some
homes we got lucky though.
A big area around us is still without power this evening. Had to make a gas run for my generator
late Monday night with only the Wawa gas station open with long lines and short tempers.
The cable company just came back online tonight glad to see here everyone is good so far.
Daniel Hayden - Sep 14   Viewers  | Reply
    We live in Estero, in between Naples and Ft Myers. No storm surge for us but lots of flooding in Naples and Bonita Springs just south. No power since the 11am Sunday as with over 70% of Lee and Collier counties. They say it will be restored by 11:45 on Sept 22nd...thanks... Gas is still a major problem as only a couple of stations have opened and they run out long before the lines of cars waiting so difficult to run generators, etc. Marco Island is apparently under water from what I've heard but do not know for a fact. We have had difficulty with phone service as well. I am only able to respond as I had to fly up to Indiana for work. Winds at Naples airport were 142mph. Amazingly, homes did great. Most damage was to trees, signs, etc. Now, it's due to the flooding. Could have been much worse, I guess (Keys...)     
Wayne Nagy - Sep 14   Viewers  | Reply
    My son flew his wife and three small children to Auburn the day before the action started in our
310. It was a last minute decision. I
had fortified my Searey hangar. But the doors are flimsy. As I saw my son flying into the sky I
thought it may be best to now move
the Searey into there beefier hangar. But,Since I spent so much time strengthening the flimsy
doors and screwing the hangar shut, I
decided to go home and get ready for Irma's arrival.

Now you see it.......now you don't

IMG 8775
IMG 8775

IMG 4620
IMG 4620


IMG 8925
IMG 8925

Daniel Hayden - Sep 15   Viewers  | Reply
    What airport is this?     
Mark MacKinnon - Sep 15   Viewers  | Reply
    Wayne, what happened to your Searey?     
Wayne Nagy - Sep 15   Viewers  | Reply
    This is KFMY Page Field in Ft. Myers, Fl.

My Searey was in perfect condition after the storm. I believe it was a tornado spawned from the Hurricane because 2 LARGE hangars
were picked up and thrown into the road and the minivan that my son left in the hanger was still there (mainly damaged on top)
Carr, Frank  - Sep 21   Viewers  | Reply
    Did the power tug survive?     
Wayne Nagy - Sep 24   Viewers  | Reply
    Yes sir, Frank! The tug and the 310 are happy in their new temporary hangar. See the closeup! :-

IMG 8991
IMG 8991


IMG 8992
IMG 8992

Don White - Oct 01   Viewers  | Reply
    The water in the river was so high at Merritt Island airport (COI) , that there were dead fish half way up runway.
94 mph winds, gusts to 115mph.
Daniel Hayden - Oct 01   Viewers  | Reply
    We had live fish in our streets which were covered in about 2 ft of water. Naples airport reported 142mph.     
Wayne Nagy - Oct 01   Viewers  | Reply
    It is amazing how quickly Mother Nature can change her act!

Shortly after the "catastrophic" storm....


Daniel Hayden - Oct 13   Viewers  | Reply
    Kind of off topic but... Wayne and Frank, any idea on hangar space at Page? I have been on the list at Page and Naples for over 2 years and still nothing. I don't want to get another plane until I have somewhere to put her so getting frustrated. Thanks!!     
Wayne Nagy - Oct 14   Viewers  | Reply
    The last I heard was the waiting list is 2 years at Page. The fact that existing tenants have damaged or lost hangars will not speed up
the process. I wish I had better news for you.

Frank and I met for free hotdogs today at Page. You are welcome to join us each Friday! It won't speed up the process , but at least
you won't go hungry waiting!! :-)
Daniel Hayden - Oct 14   Viewers  | Reply
    I may be going on 3 years on the wait list now at page... anyhow, I would love to meet for hotdogs. Unfortunately, it seems like I work most Fridays. I may have one off three weeks from yesterday.     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 14   Viewers  | Reply
    Keep asking about it. Ask the airport manager, or whoever is managing the hangars where you are on the list and have you moved up. Let them know how long you've been waiting. Keep in frequent contact with them, don't let them forget you, and let them know how serious you are in getting a hangar. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.     
Carr, Frank  - Oct 16   Viewers  | Reply
    WMS and the keeper of the Hanger List is Debbie. But she's fair, open and honest. There has been a list for years at KFMY and we've
all been on it. But it's worth while to stay in touch with Debbie.
Daniel Hayden - Oct 24   Viewers  | Reply
    I spoke with Debbie today. I am no. 8 on the list out of 68. She said with the damaged / lost hangars, I am probably still looking at another couple of years wait. Spoke with Naples where I am a little higher...may have a chance within the year. Yay??? It's a lot different down here than up north.     
Mark MacKinnon - Oct 24   Viewers  | Reply
    Daniel - pilots move, drop out of flying, etc. You could move up faster than that.     

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