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Category: Florida Flying, Garner''s Landing

Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Ancestor of the Searey--the Buccaneer XA  
Don Maxwell - Aug 19   Viewers  | Reply
    Serendipity! I happened on this 1986 video of a Buccaneer XA in flight. It's the father of the SeaRey and the Aventura. (Check out the landing gear retraction mechanism.)

A 2016 comment by Light Sport And Ultralight Flyer: "The design was from Jack Hutchinson. Highcraft Aeromarine, owned by Bruce Pemberton originally built them, the the [sic] manufacturing rights were sold to Advanced Aviation and Kerry Richter and his family took over until Advanced Aviation designed and started production of the SX model."

Brian Furnell - Aug 19   Viewers  | Reply
    All I can think about is how big is a 1986 GoPro     
Jim Ratte - Aug 19   Viewers  | Reply
    That's not entirely right. The Buc XA was designed by Bruce Pemberton, Bobby Bailey and John Gruener. John still holds the rights to the Buc line, and royalties are paid to him by those mfg the parts.     
Shannon Moon - Sep 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Out of curiosity, is that the same Bobby Bailey associated with hanglider towing and the Dragonfly ultralight?     
Jim Ratte - Sep 29   Viewers  | Reply
    Yes it is Shannon.     
Daniel Myers - Aug 21   Viewers  | Reply
    Bruce is actually my neighbor and has one of the very first Searey's ever built. In fact, he was flying it this past weekend.      Attachments:  

IMG 3895.JP
IMG 3895

Crew Feighery - Aug 22   Viewers  | Reply
    Bruce is a great guy! Note the converted R/C boat hull wing tip floats - super cool! Also a sheetmetal engine cowling. He's obviously a
Don Maxwell - Aug 19   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks, Jim.     
Mark MacKinnon - Aug 19   Viewers  | Reply
    Now that's manual gear!     
Mark MacKinnon - Aug 19   Viewers  | Reply
    It's also easy to forget how we suffered with the fuzzy vcr tapes.     
Don Roberson - Aug 24   Viewers  | Reply
    I feel I have to chime in here. Jack Hutchinson and I were partners in the late seventies/early eighties and developed "ULTRA-FLOATS", turning ultralights of the day into seaplanes. We floated most designs back then, including Advanced Aviation's Hi-Nuski, with Kerry and his dad, Wayne.

Sometime after Jack left our company, he drove up to our warehouse with a newly designed aircraft on a trailer which he was calling the 'BUCANEER'. It was to be a hybrid design which could be sold as a simple taildragger landplane, or shrouded with a hull to become a seaplane. I made the initial tip floats for his early prototype. He sold the design to Bruce Pemberton, where I then lost contact with the ultralight world, getting a "real" job and started raising a family.

Bruce obviously continued development of this design and at some point got involved with Kerry, and has since become what is today's SeaRey. Total props to everyone involved with this evolution, but Jack was the initial designer from its inception, and then it progressed from that point.

There is so much more to this story. I could write a book. But Jack Hutchinson was HUGELY instrumental in the early ultralight movement, which has become today's LSA market. This goes waaaay back. Guys like Dan Johnson, Larry Newman, Lyle Byrum (Eipper-Quicksilver), Bruce Pemberton, and yes, Kerry and Wayne Richter, will remember Jack's contribution to where we are today. Sorry for the long post, but I just want Jack to get some well deserved credit here.

I was there when Jack hung a 15hp Yamaha motorcycle engine with a pulleyed, belt drive reduction system (his design) on a foot launched Quicksilver creating powered flight from level ground with a hang glider. I thought that was a first (mid seventies) but others got the credit. Anyway so much more than I can put in a post.

Bruce, I would love to get together someday to remember old times. Until then, peace out, happy flying, and remember WUFF!
Wayne Nagy - Aug 24   Viewers  | Reply
    Add me to that get together, Don.

My First set of floats on the Rotec Rally. We sold the entire Rotec Kits for $3,600... completely built for $500 more...Floats $900

My dad (after he had already lost a leg to vascular disease) floating in my Buc 2B!

IMG 8112
IMG 8112


IMG 6975
IMG 6975

Carr, Frank  - Aug 26   Viewers  | Reply
    Is that you in 3452?

And, why so many numbers? Is that your total of dead stick landings?
Wayne Nagy - Aug 26   Viewers  | Reply
    734-3452. phone number for Ultra Aviation, Inc. Which happened to be my home number...which is where I assembled the
ultralights...which happened to be the main assembly plant....which happened to be my living room and foyer..which happened to be
the only area in the house where we could assemble the wings. :-)
The final assembly area was my driveway, where 2 ultralights at a time would be "powered" and rigged. Can you believe my
neighbors actually went along with this operation!

IMG 6974
IMG 6974

Russ Garner - Sep 06   Viewers  | Reply
    I almost bought a Buc out in Calif in the early 80's this was my first seaplane Eipper MX 1982.      Attachments:  


Carr, Frank  - Aug 31   Viewers  | Reply
    I can believe your neighbors would tolerate this behavior; what some would struggle with is how or why your wife would put up with
your airplane factory in the living room! And, if I recall, she doesn't even fly. I got in big trouble when I took over the garage. You
must be a charmer.
Wayne Nagy - Aug 31   Viewers  | Reply
    Mickey and I just celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on August 1st. At that time we had 3 small children and one on the way.
She definitely is a "keeper" ! :-)
Don Roberson - Aug 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Cool pics Wayne! A definite "blast from the past!"     

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