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Category: Amphibians

Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   AirCam vs SeaRey experience. Now looking for partners.  
bradley, jeff - Jun 12   Viewers  | Reply
    Just got my check-out in the AirCam. What a great flying machine!! Been flying the SeaRey about 3 years now,
and I love flying that as well, but the AirCam is awesome!! Flying the SeaRey where i do, I'm forced to fly over cities and trees ( ft
Myers, Detroit suburbs, rural Fl and Michigan ). That is the biggest reason I'm drawn to the AirCam. The redundancy of
the 2nd engine is such a great feeling! Flying low and slow, like we all love, is such a joy, not being as concerned with having a
safe landing place if an engine quits. And thats just on the way to the lake!! This plane is so easy to fly and it just hops off the
water so fast its amazing. It flys a lot like the Rey, the numbers are almost identical, seems to handle waves better than the Rey,
not as choppy. Also, the useful load is 600 lbs+. You can tie a bike, or kayak to the floats if you wanted. Enjoyed the open
cockpit more than I thought i would. So little wind you can hold a chart if you want to.

Of course, the biggest draw back is the cost. Hence why I'm looking for partners in an amphib AirCam. Currently in a SeaRey
partnership and its been a great experience. Located in Michigan in the
summer, and Florida in the winter. Location is flexible.


Daniel Hayden - Jun 23   Viewers  | Reply
    I would love to partner in an amphib, SeaRey or AirCam, but I am in Ft Myers (actually Estero) year round. Also, the wait to get an hangar is ridiculous. I have not flown in either but would love to experience either / both. I have my SES but my only time is in a Maule amphib when I trained. I did get an email this week that a large hangar had opened in Naples but I don't have anything to put in it!!
bradley, jeff - Jun 23   Viewers  | Reply
    Yep. Our SeaRey stays at Page field ( Ft. Myers ) in the winter, but we pay for and keep the hanger year because of the high demand
for hangers there.

Get back to me in the fall, maybe we can get you a ride in our Ray.

Steve Kessinger - Jun 23   Viewers  | Reply
    After I bought my first hangar in 2009 I had a lot of people stop by and tell me they wished they had not procrastinated. Same thing with the new hangar. You wait, you miss, you regret. At a certain point in our lives, it becomes too late and joins the other shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

Get the hangar. You'll find a way to put something in it, even if it's a beat up Champ or 152 place holder until you find what you want.

Haven't you waited long enough?
Daniel Hayden - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Steve, I asked about that...they said I have to have a plane and it had to be too large for a regular hangar so I could not have a small plane and rent a large hangar...

Jeff, will two small planes fit into one of those hangars? I have looked at either a Searey or an Aeroprakt on floats.
Steve Kessinger - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Bummer, but I understand their point of view. I just saw a hangar at our field with the door open and it was full of RVs, talked to the guy and he said doesn't have an airplane, he sublets it for RV storage.

Snitches get stitches, but that just ain't right. So many people would kill to have that hangar for an airplane.
Mark MacKinnon - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    At our airport there was some of that going on (hangar used for furniture storage, etc).....then new airport manager started cracking down on it. I believe policy now is, hangars must be used for airplanes.     
bradley, jeff - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    I don't think 2 planes will fit in there. The searey with the floats hanging down makes it tough. Page has a waiting list you can be
put on.
Nickens, Dan - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Don't like those floats hanging down? PA makes a quick release pin for the float attachment for folding wings. Or, just go to the hardware store, get a quick release pin and substitute it for the attachment's AN3 bolt. Pull the float up and hold it against the strut with a bungee cord. Very quick increase in storage room under wing!     
Daniel Hayden - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    I'm already on their waiting list...have been for 18mo. Would an aeroprakt a-22 high wing fit in with a low wing searey?     
Daniel Hayden - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    I'm already on their waiting list...have been for 18mo. Would an aeroprakt a-22 high wing fit in with a low wing searey?     
Don Maxwell - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    The A-22 and the Searey are about the same size and shape--both are high wing.     
Daniel Hayden - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    I assumed the searey wing would be lower than the A-22 wing, especially an A-22 on amphibs?     
Don Maxwell - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Actually, I was thinking of the A-24, which is like a Searey with the engine in front. But the A-22 is also high wing:     
Don Maxwell - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Dan, I've seen a Searey and a low-wing together in several different rectangular hangars. One arrangement required the tail of the Searey to be raised about 3 feet so that it would clear the other plane's low wing. In the other arrangement, both planes were high-wing, and there was a hydraulic lift that elevated one plane above the other. A lift would work in many T-hangars, as well. It would be hard to fit two Seareys in one T-hangar without a lift, but doubling up might be possible in some, especially if one plane is low-wing. (Unfortunately, even if the planes fit, doubling up may not be allowed.)     
Daniel Hayden - Jun 25   Viewers  | Reply
    Had not thought about whether it is allowed... The Aeroprakt is a high wing so may work but I am not sure of the hangar sizes at Page.     

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