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Luis Sotero - Apr 20, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Considering flying to Fort Myers this coming Saturday. Not too familiar with the area or how searey friendly it may be on the water .
Any insights or advice would be appreciated...
Wayne Nagy - Apr 20, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Free Hot Dogs, Soda, chips and cookies every Friday, Luis :-)
Lots of construction at FMY , but they are Searey friendly and they have mogas. 5/23 are closed for the next 94 days. 13/31 will be
used. stay away from the 1/4 mile shore slow zones+ other posted slow zones +clear of boats and people and you should be fine.
The Vice President was visiting Sanibel this week and there was a 3 mile TFR around the might want to see if it is lifted
Saturday. The Caloosahatchee river above the locks is fresh if you want to rinse off.
Feel free to call me regarding your visit Luis. Wayne Nagy. 239-209-8612
Luis Sotero - Apr 21, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Thank Wayne... how Searey friendly are they on the water as far
as places to splash. If I do get too go, there won't be absence
of any thing more like a abundance. LOL,
There is a Poker Run this weekend in Fort Myers you should
check regardless to go or not...
Going on the boat to Boca bash on Sunday and have still a bit
of planning to do. No sure if I can handle both on the same
weekend... I will let you know. I am saving your number. Once
again thank you.
Wayne Nagy - Apr 21, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Any time Luis! I flew up river for some splashes before FREE hotdogs today. Nothing like a "healthy" meal after a beautiful flight!!
5/23 closed was not a factor today.
Winds 150 at 16 knots. Very short landing.
Wayne Nagy - Apr 20, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Here is a "very rare" picture that I took at Sun N Fun of Luis with Adam. Very rare because of the absence of beautiful women around
him! :-)

IMG 4361
IMG 4361


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