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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Ok - I want one of these  
Mark MacKinnon - Apr 12, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   My birthday is coming up - who's going to buy me one?     Attachments:  

Aeromobile flying car
Aeromobile flying car

Wayne Nagy - Apr 12, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Put it on your Christmas list, Mark! The real question is which year??    
Dennis Scearce - Apr 12, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   I'll bet they will want $75K for one.    
Ken Leonard - Apr 13, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Nah, I can name that tune for $46,874.16.
For the first one. Just add a zero to the right for all the rest.
Dennis Vogan - Apr 13, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Just don't buy their prototype.     Attachments:  

Aeromobile oops
Aeromobile oops

D'Angelo, Kevin - Apr 15, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   They say it just needs some parts replaced or rather reuse some parts- glad he walked away, allowing a humorous article of the crash.    

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