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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   SeaBear aircraft. Twin engine amphib. 914 rotax.  
bradley, jeff - Apr 6, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Has anybody checked out the SeaBear ampib from Russia? Seen a prototype at Oshkosh last year. Found it very interesting.      Attachments:  

seabear aircraft
seabear aircraft

Wayne Nagy - Apr 6, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    That's a new one for me. Is it at Sun N Fun this year? Are they selling in the US? Price point?

I saw the early design of the 4 place Searey that Kerri had at the old shop. Any chance of resurrection?
Carr, Frank  - Apr 6, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    You really up for a foreign turboprop twin???     
Wayne Nagy - Apr 6, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    No,Frank...but ya never know... :-)     
Troy iRMT Heavy Maint. Enriquez - Apr 11, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    pretty darn cool.     
Ken Leonard - Apr 12, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    I will admit to liking the twin tails supporting a high horizontal stab. Looks mighty strong.     

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