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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Seaplane picnic?  
Brian Furnell - Mar 22, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Anyone planning on attending this?     Attachments:  


Donald White - Mar 22, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Here is the correct picture.

Ronald_ Palmer - Apr 11, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   looks like I am thinking of driving down to check out the stuff. and get a flight around the area. anyone staying at the place and
camping out or do some of you have hotels. ?/
John Tucci - Apr 11, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Ron, I'm arriving Friday, leaving Sunday after flying. If weather goes south, I plan on leaving Saturday.    
Buck Bray - Mar 26, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   I plan on attending again this year. I find the Rusty Pilot Seminar to be a good refresher for your BFR followed by Seaplanes 101
presented by a fellow seaplane enthusiast and good company of other pilots.
Sauers, Jeff - Mar 26, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   I'm planning on going.    
John Tucci - Mar 27, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   I shared an email with Brian this morning. I'm planning on driving down Friday afternoon. Looking to attend the refresher and
maybe get a biannual in, even if I need to stay until Sunday. Hope to meet a few Searey owners along the way.
Shannon Moon - Apr 4, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   I might be able to make it if the weather is good. It is only a little more than an hour away from me.    
John Tucci - Apr 4, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Brian, I spoke with Helen at CSP, I'm driving down Friday. Weather permitting I'll get up in their Searey Sat and Sun, then head
D'Angelo, Kevin - Apr 9, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Where is it being held?    
Brian Furnell - Apr 9, 2017  Viewers | Reply
D'Angelo, Kevin - Apr 10, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   so this won't be a beach party- just an airport fly in??    
Buck Bray - Apr 15, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Kevin- we could add a beach party. There is a sandy beach/grass strip with restaurant just south of W29 at Kentmore. I'm only 40
nm SW by Searey at 2W6 (2 hours by car) between the Potomac and Patuxent rivers. Fun flight across the bay, pop over to St
Leonard's creek, down the Patuxent River and pop up to land at 2W6 (around 37 of the 40 miles is over water). See Rob's excellent
video of the route ( and just turn right and land a 2W6 before crossing the bridge
north of Patuxent. Anyone is welcome to spend Saturday night with me and splash around Sunday if the weather is good. I plan to
fly up Saturday if the weather is good or drive up if it's not fun flying weather Saturday.
D'Angelo, Kevin - Apr 22, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Thanks for your generous offer Buck- Looks like I will be getting a hotel room as my son now wants to join up with me by flying our Cessna 210 down also, and along with the North East Seareys possibly joining us too, so the party is getting too big to intrude on your home. Forecast looking good so far for the weekend so hopefully we will meet up at the fly in. I plan on flying young eagles flights in the morning Saturday    
Buck Bray - Apr 22, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   I'm looking forward to the NE and DELMARVA Seareys joining in a large gaggle! Our local EAA chapter hosts several Young Eagle
events each year. My understanding is next Saturday will be giving rides outside of the Young Eagle program unless you bring your
own forms.
D'Angelo, Kevin - Apr 23, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   Yes - bringing plenty of Young Eagle forms    
Brian Furnell - Apr 11, 2017  Viewers | Reply
   appears that way.... but the water is really really close ... ahah    

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