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Favorite option: If you want this item to be marked as a favorite, click on the black heart.   Garner's Landing will be hosting its 18th. Annual Searey Gathering.  
Russ Garner - Mar 14, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Garner's Landing will be hosting its 18th. annual Searey Gathering on Sunday April 2, 2017.
Kerry and Adam will be Co-hosting the event with demo rides in their factory Searey's.
Demo rides will be available all through Sun N Fun out of Garner's Landing.
The Lou Ann the spaghetti queen will be cooking up her pasta lunch on Sunday to feed all of us.
Ken Leonard - Mar 15, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Russ - you and Lou Ann have both greatly contributed to the wonderful family
culture we enjoy with this flying group. Thanks to both of you.
Russ Garner - Mar 15, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Thank you Ken.     
Bill West - Mar 17, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Its always a great event Russ. Glad things are better for you that allow you to host again. Thanks for all the work and effort
Russ Garner - Mar 17, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Our pleasure Bill.     
Russ Garner - Mar 31, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    My wife, Lou Ann is cooking up a lasagna and meatloaf lunch fare with all the fixing. The weather report looks great for the
weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing all my Searey family and friends.
I'll be monitoring 123.375 to help you, we'll see ya Sunday!!!
Steve Kessinger - Apr 2, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks again, Russ & Lou Ann!!! It was a great way to avoid heavy lifting at SnF while getting reinspired for the summer building season.     
Wayne Nagy - Apr 2, 2017   Viewers  | Reply

Another FANTASTIC Garner's Landing Searey Gathering.
wayne kimm - Apr 2, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Thanks russ and lou ann
great time!!
Shannon Moon - Apr 2, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Wish I could have stayed longer. The sun was dipping below the horizon as I landed back in North Carolina. Next time I'll have to take
a few days off from work and kick around Florida longer! Great event! Please tell Lou thanks for packing me the "to go" bag.... I
scarfed down the the lasagna while my plane was gassed up at St. Simmons Island.
Russ Garner - Apr 3, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Looks like Adam caught the airplane repo guy Kenin Lacey trying to take his SeaRey.      Attachments:  

Kevin takes SR 1.JP
Kevin takes SR 1

Russ Garner - Apr 3, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Ks on the edge.      Attachments:  

Kerry 90'' bank 12 01.JP
Kerry 90'' bank 12 01

Russ Garner - Apr 3, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Group at Garner's Landing 2017      Attachments:  

Group shot 2017 12.JP
Group shot 2017 12

Carr, Frank  - Apr 3, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Great looking bunch. And I'm really impressed to see SeaRey pilots who can kneel! Who helped them up? Wish, again, that I was
Russ Garner - Apr 3, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Kevin Lacey of Discovery channel Airplane Repo fame was impressed with the Searey and talk about the demo ride he had with
Kerry all evening, stating "he thought Kerry was trying to see if he could make me squirm with the ride". Kevin was a guest of Lou
and I for the night after Sundays fly-in, very interesting to say the least with lots of repo stories at dinner and fun watching people
react when the recognized who he was. This morning, I drove Kevin to his parked 172 at Winter Haven airport and during breakfast
the airport restaurant owner and he's waitress's could not stop with the questing about Kevins repo show.
Kevin will be at SNF this week working different venues around the field.

Kevin Lacey demo 1.JP
Kevin Lacey demo 1

Don Maxwell - Apr 5, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    Looks like you had a good turnout, Russ. Wish I could have been there, too. (On the other hand, Patagonia is also fun.)     
Wayne Nagy - Apr 3, 2017   Viewers  | Reply
    A perfect day!      Attachments:  

IMG 4162
IMG 4162

IMG 4173
IMG 4173


IMG 4171
IMG 4171


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